Nordic inspired bedroom

It’s finally here: our bedroom reveal. This is part 3 of our bedroom makeover: see part 1 and part 2. It’s everything I have envisioned since we started the makeover.

I wanted our bedroom to be cozy and a safe haven for us: just like a huge warm blanket. A place where we could have breakfast in bed, cuddle with our son in the morning, read a book and feel inspired. As you can see, my love for minimal and clean aesthetic influenced the décor A LOT.

I am thrilled to have teamed up with HomeSense to complete the bedroom . I literally go to HomeSense at least once a week. There’s always something unique that will catch my eyes. So, what’s new since the last stunning pieces we found at HomeSense? Well, a gorgeous head board, a round black ceiling lamp ( with an interesting design ) and some bedding essentials.

Our gorgeous headboard was love at first sight. I fell for the tufted style, the feminine details and the perfect grey shade. Quality and price point wise, I have to say I am super happy with my choice. Then I spent what seemed like forever to my husband to find our ceiling lamp. I was looking for something simple, yet eye catching.

We also picked up new fluffy pillows and bed sheets. HomeSense is one store I like to go to for my bedding needs because they always have high quality fabrics at an affordable cost. We opted for white cotton sheets which are incredibly soft and feel so luxurious. They are the perfect addition to the light gray linen duvet cover and pillow cases.

I have listed below everything we have in our bedroom. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions, feedback or need to know where a specific piece is from if not mentioned.

Petite and Bold minimal bedroom

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HomeSense wooden side table petite and bold

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h&m washed linen duvet cover
h&m washed linen bedding
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Headboard, Mirror, Wooden Side Table, Sheets, Pillows, Armchair, Ceiling Lamp: HOMESENSE c/o
Wall Mural and DIY Drawer Chest: PIXERS c/o
Petit Bijou Basket: MAISON PETITE + BOLD
My Only Sunshine Dual Prints: MAISON PETITE + BOLD
Minimalism Print: MAISON PETITE + BOLD
White throw with gray pompoms: RAMACIERI SOLIGO
Cloth Rack: IKEA
White Nightstand: IKEA
Seagrass Basket: IKEA
White Tray Table: IKEA
Wall Spotlights: IKEA
Step Stool: IKEA
Plant Stand: IKEA
Washed Linen Duvet Cover Set: H&M
Washed Linen Pillow Cases: H&M

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*  Advertorial in collaboration with HomeSense. All opinions are mine as always.

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