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Bonjour, I’m Josie, the editor of Petite & Bold, a Montréal based blog with a luxe and minimalist feel. My goal is to inspire the millenial strong and bold woman with my attainable style through various aspects of life: fashion, lifestyle, beauty, interiors and travel.

Petite and Bold goes beyond fashion, it is also a ressource for aspiring bloggers. I love to share my tips and how to’s via the BLOGGING TIPS category.

I’ve also come to realize more than ever before the impact I can have as a woman of colour. I often receive messages from people telling me how proud they are to see a black woman ( someone they can relate to ) thrive in the blogging industry in Montréal. I can use my voice to demand inclusion because I know it goes way beyond my tiny self. Petite and Bold can be a platform to empower other women and help break stereotypes.

I have a Master in International Affairs and I’m also the proud owner of Maison Petite + Bold; a compilation of minimal art and vibrant ethnic goods. “Maison” stands for home in French. We’re bringing what’s “home” for us to you and we truly hope you’ll love every single piece. MPB’s mission is to share our culture with you while building strong partnerships with talented artisans and vendors.

I’m a neat freak and love eating plain white jasmin rice. I love to sing + dance and just got to be the most impatient human being ever. You can learn a little bit more about me in my ” 10 Random Facts About Me” post or this FAQ

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