Esther Luxe lace dress Petite and Bold

It still feels incredible for me to be part of Chloé’s Eau de parfum tenth anniversary celebration. In the spirit of this milestone, Chloé has released a limited edition of a new scent, a more refined version of Eau de Parfum: Absolu de Parfum.

Created by Michel Almairac who also created the original fragrance, Absolu de Parfum is rich and woody. A more present scent of the Damascena rose combined with Vanilla and patchouli give it a scent you won’t resist!

The bottle also got a slight feminine addition that I absolutely love: a golden metal plaque and the beige ribbon woven with a golden thread.

Femininity has always been a huge part of Chloé’s branding and it is something I value too. I love feeling feminine and taking the time to care for myself ( body and soul ). It’s part of who I am and somehow allows me to stay grounded and authentic. What makes me feel feminine? Simple things like:

  • My daily skincare routine: it’s my ME time. I don’t wear a lot of make up everyday, because the truth is, I like being au naturel. It feels empowering to be in love with my imperfections. They make me real and relatable. Therefore, if not hiding my flaws helps another woman appreciate herself for what she is, I’ll do it over and over again.
  • A day at the spa doing nothing but reflecting on life, relaxing and getting massages along the way ;)
  • Getting myself a present: flowers or lace pieces or lingerie. Isn’t lace like the most romantic, timeless and feminine fabric ever?! At least, that’s how I feel about it. The dress I’m wearing is from the luxe collection of an Australian clothing line I appreciate a lot: Esther & Co.

On social media and equally offline, I stay true to myself because authenticity is everything when creating content. It might not seem like it, but I am quite shy and really an introvert. Therefore, reaching out and starting conversations with people can be hard sometimes. Honestly, I am convinced that just being the real everyday Josie is how I connect with people in general.

Now, I’d love to know what you ladies do to feel feminine and stay authentic to your true self. Leave me a note below.

Dress: ESTHER & CO.
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All photography by Jacques Dieye

* Editorial in collaboration with Chloé


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