Vans Old Skool outfits

If there is one thing I was super excited about Spring finally making an appearance; it is definitely the fact that I could wear sneakers again …

Old Skool Vans

Petite and Bold Casual style

Old Skool Vans Street Style

Schoen by Yu Ingenue denim

Vans Old Skool street fashion

Anaheim Factory Old Skool 36 DX Sneaker

All images Delphine N Photographie
Sneakers Vans Old Skool c/o | Schoen by Yu Denim c/o { on major sale } | In Wear Shirt c/o

As soon as the Vans Old Skool came out I knew I needed to add them to my sneakers collection. Vans Canada sent me this pair c/o and I am in love with it. It is comfortable as I expected and I’ve been wearing them with literally everything: jeans, dresses, skirts. These classics are timeless and they go with an array of style: from casual to high street. You can just take them anywhere.

I am pairing them with the Ingenue denim from Schoen by Yu ( which is on major sale ) and a classic white shirt from In Wear. This is basically an outfit I opt for way too often ;)

Have a great day guys! xx J


13 thoughts on “VANS OLD SKOOL

  1. Oh sweetie, white Vans and denim and you know you’re high on top of my list. There are few things in fashion I love as much as a good pair of white kicks and as I don’t have these Vans in my collection yet it’s a spring must have! :) Thanks for adding yet a pair to my already extensive collection, haha.

  2. Loving your outfit my dear!! I am so obsessed with this sneaker trend. For a long time I felt like I just couldn’t rock wearing sneakers and still look super stylish so I was so excited when it was finally in. Great job with this whole look.

  3. Vans have always been such “cool kid” shoes haha and of course I’ve never even owned a pair. I was more into Converse when I was younger, but was always envious of my friends that owned Vans. I love this new style, so I might need to finally get on that and purchase a pair for myself!

    Stephanie //

  4. The perfect everyday shoes!! Love wearing white as they match everything and they are so comfy to do errands, busy days or even traveling and still look fabulous.


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