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“Women who wear black lead colourful lives” Neiman Marcus.

This quote has always resonated in me because I’m definitely a woman who loves to wear black. I feel all kind of confident and powerful when I wear black: all black, black and white, black and grey etc … Black is my happy colour!

And trust me, my life is far from boring. I am passionate about what I do and who I love. I like to get my adrenaline levels high, I am always on the go! Don’t get me wrong, I wear brighter colours { on a few occasions haha }, but I can definitely say that I mostly stick to cooler tones.

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I have never truly been able to grasp why black is often associated to something negative. But I guess it’s how it has been perceived and conveyed by society for centuries. I admit, I even catch myself from time to time linking black to darkness. I’m trying to avoid this, especially with my son. I pay close attention not to associate blackness to fear ( we sometimes play in the dark and have so much fun ) or negativity or failure. I don’t want him to grow up with such a perception of a colour that is part of “who he is”, which is a reflection of his skin. You’d be surprised how kids can perceive things in the back of their heads.

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How do you perceive women who loves to wear black? Here are my thoughts. They are unapologetic, bold, driven and self empowering. They don’t buy into trends just to follow the crowds. Personally, if there is a trend I absolutely love and adopt; it means that I see it as an avenue to express myself.
Also, I want to insert a little disclaimer here: people who wear bright colours are nothing short of what I just stated. I personally know badass inspiring women who are walking rainbows ;)

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Now on to what I’m wearing. Big, bold sleeves have been a huge hit on the runaways, I’ve been a fan for a long time. I love the structure of this Chicwish echo wrap top. The high waisted jeans are from Topshop. I like the fit of the Jamie jeans. The gorgeous bag and the most comfortable sock boots are from Aldo Shoes. Seriously, get these sock boots … you’ll thank me later ;)

Bisous xx

women who wear black lead colorful lives

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Shot by: Jessica Prudencio

23 thoughts on “UNAPOLOGETIC BLACK

  1. People think black is so boring but honestly is also one one my happy colours even that you scroll my Instagram feed and theres lots of colors in it.
    I absolutely love this shirt design such a great statement piece and I must say I have it in white heheh


  2. I think all black is perceived in so many ways. I personally love that it looks badass LOL. But it’s also classic and flattering to the figure. You can really never go wrong. I could understand the negativity though because so many people tell me I look like I’m dressed for a funeral. I guess it’s just the mindset you rock. You look amazing!! Love the touch of braids :)

    With love, Jenn

    1. Badass it is girl! I love seeing you rock all black outfits too! It’s definitely how it’s perceived and that’s kind of sad hehe. Thanks Jenn xo

  3. Black is surely a colour of elegance and style . It’s all on how to wear it and how to style it . Très chic .And it’s so true to teach kids about being in the dark is not something bad because we did it with my kids and they are not afraid of the dark and don’t believe there are monsters in the cloaet or under the bed lol .It build up their confidence and assurance about the world they live in but in the other hand we also teach them that all colours are fun , their is no gender colour and my son who is almost 6 asked me to have a pair of pink Converse this summer !

    1. Oh darling Mounira! You get me! Exactly my thoughts! It is so important to start young. It can have such an impact when they grow up. Pink Converse it is for your son! Way to go! Bisousss

  4. This post deserves a round of applause, for real talk! First of all: black is fantastic. I love wearing it all the time and I love that you’re teaching your son that it doesn’t need to be associated with darkness. That’s so awesome! Secondly: you are all sorts of fierce in this all black ensemble. Your hair looks amazing, those sleeves are to die for, and your legs go on forever! Love it all, girlfriend!

    Stephanie // SheSawStyle.com

  5. To me black isn’t associated with neither negativity or darkness, but with elegance and style! As for wearing black, I don’t wear it that much as I’m in a colorful period in my wardrobe right now, but the elegance you pull this look off with makes me rethink and I should have a few black days every once in a while! :)


  6. Hey I love this post! All I wear is black haha. I was just wondering, I recently bought this ALDO greenwald bag, it looks as though you’ve shortened the strap, how did you do this? You have it at the perfect length, mine is too long for me. Thank you x

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