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I seriously think my entourage is getting tired of my conversations about all the negativity surrounding sponsored posts. However, this is a topic I want to be opened about with you.

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The negativity surrounding #sponsored posts

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the #sponsored post

I’m sure most of you are aware of how “fashion bloggers” or “influencers” or “content creator” make a living. Getting free products or clothes do not unfortunately pay the bills. Am I right? Usually they are financially compensated for collaborations with brands and this is nothing new. It has been going for years. However, now that the law requires that you mention #sponsored, the integrity of the content creator is always questioned. It kind of makes me really sad or even upset sometimes. When you go through sponsored content on Instagram for example, the engagement is somewhat always lower than average. Also, some of them are not so joyful and are a flagrant proof of the lack of trust towards content creators.

” oh it’s a sponsored post, she is doing it for the money … is she sincere ? “

So let me share my feelings with you on that matter. Creating content that is unique and represents ME is a true bliss. This is a passion and I am more than thankful for all the opportunities blogging has allowed me to have. Blessings that I don’t take for granted. To be honest with you, it took me years to start receiving financial compensation. Until now, a considerable portion of my posts are NOT sponsored and that is totally ok with me. This did not start with making money as the end goal. I had a full time job and blogging was my safe haven at the end of the day. Being an entrepreneur and a creative is hard work, really hard work and not always glamourous.

Brands also like to work with bloggers/content creators/story tellers etc … because the truth is, the blogger nowadays woman (or a man of course ), like you, like me … your neighbour, your bestie. She is attainable and relatable. And that my friends, is powerful and has a lot more influence than an ad on television with the biggest celebrities. Yes it’s publicity for the companies; but I genuinely never question the integrity and the honesty of my favourite bloggers. I’d like so many more people to do the same. There is no doubt that they are bloggers out there who do things for the paper. Although, I also think you can easily see through them.

When I am approached or even when I am the one contacting brands for sponsorships, I always put my own branding first and there must be an organic fit. It has to make sense for Petite + Bold readers, I want YOU to be interested, to learn from a collaboration, to be inspired. I collaborate with brands I sincerely love and that I would spend my own money on. Not everyone has this mindset and it is unfortunately feeding this negativity.

I hope that by sharing this post, you guys will have a wider perspective and clearer insights on sponsored posts. Mostly, always try to go from the TRUST standpoint. Personally, the last thing I want is to lose my readers’ trust. Authenticity first. Authenticity matters.

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8 thoughts on “THE #SPONSORED POST

  1. Josie, I couldn’t have written this post better! Very much like you, I didn’t start my blog with the intentions of making money. What started as a creative outlet for me, turned into something even more amazing. Getting sponsored content is somewhat of a dream but with that being said, I always make sure that the brands that I work with are ones that I truly love/believe in/actually use! It’s unfortunate that there is negativity that surrounds this content creator world, and sadly sometimes even within. I love the content that you create (sponsored or not) and I totally support you, girl!
    -Kris xo

    1. Kristeena! Thank you so much for your input darling! The mindset and work ethic are so important in the creative world right now. The negativity and the unhealthy competition within are so annoying and quite disappointing too. I mean, we are all girl bosses and we should lift each other up! Love you girl!

  2. You are an amazing blogger with your personal and honest touches and I get my inspiration by reading your posts . Blessings and keep up that great moto you have to accomplish your goals and dreams girl !!xox

    1. Thank you Mounira! You are truly such an amazing supporter. Always taking time to comment on my posts on social media or here! I am forever grateful for your support! Thanks for everything xoxo

  3. Totally agree with this post and so happy you wrote it. It’s definitely true that many bloggers work hard to create creative content and only align themselves with brands that they would use and buy themselves. Hopefully our followers will recognize that and see that we whether we are doing a sponsored post or not we are still staying authentic and true to our brand. Xoxo, Christine

    1. Thank you for your insight Christine! That is certainly what we can hope for and keep on working hard I guess and just staying true to ourselves, never forgetting why we started all of this! bisous

  4. J’aime beaucoup votre contenu réellement. Généralement les post sponsorisés ne me dérangent pas tant qu’ils sont bien identifiés. C’est juste que des fois dans votre cas, dans vos stories le hashtag ”ad” est écrit en tout petit petit en blanc, sur fond blanc….ou carrément sans hashtag. Je me suis fait prendre à quelques reprises ou quelqu’un d’autre me l’a fait remarqué. J’étais un peu déçu. Mais sinon vous être une blogueuse pleine d’intégrité selon moi. Beau travail !

    1. Salut. D’abord merci d’avoir pris le temps de laisser un commentaire. Je suis ravie de savoir que tu apprécies mon contenu et que tu penses que je suis intègre. Concernant les stories Instagram et la mention #Ad je le met souvent en petit ( pas tout le temps, Si par mégarde ce n’est pas visible je ne le fais pas exprès ). J’aime penser que les personnes qui me suivent et me pensent honnêtes n’y portent pas beaucoup d’attention. Aussi, mes posts sponsorisés sur Instagram ( mon feed ) sont toujours claires car je mentionne le ad dans les premiers hashtags.
      Merci et à bientôt.

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