tips on how to successfully shop online

Online shopping has now become a multi-billion dollar revenue stream. I personally love to shop online for clothes. I still like to go into stores to browse or buy specific pieces I either can’t find online, or that I need on the spot. Obviously, online shopping comes with its own downsides. Today I wanted to share my tips on how to successfully shop online.

1. Check the reviews sections: this is something I do automatically. Reviews are generally very insightful and reliable. I always take the time to go through the best reviews but also the not so good ones. Occasionally, you can notice the same issue being brought up and therefore decide if that’s a big deal for you or not.

2. Subscribe to your favourite online stores newsletters: I know it can be quite annoying to receive a ton of newsletters e-mails in your inbox; but I honestly only subscribe to my favourite stores to shop at. It’s a great way for me to be aware of the sales and deals they have going on. I have also recently discovered Honey . This is a plugin you can install on your browser. Whenever you visit an online store, you can click on the “h” icon to see all the sales available and it’ll apply the coupon codes for you if there’s any. This is so cool. Sign up here, it’s FREE ;)

3. Look for photos: I am so thankful for those customers who take the time to snap pictures of the actual item on them. They are my heroes! It is such a good way to figure out how a certain garment looks in real life. I go through the pictures and search for someone who has kind of my body type. It’ll help me determine if that dress or skirt would be flattering on me. Blogs, Pinterest and brands’ Instagram profiles are great ways to look for photos of a certain item as well.

4. Always check the size chart: Whenever I shop online, I always have a measuring tape beside me. Some stores have slightly different size charts, therefore it is very important to look at them. They are usually placed next to the item description. I am petite, so when I shop for Maxi dresses for example, I pay attention to the model height and check how long is the dress on her. It’s a good way for me to know if that dress will need some alterations.

5. Beware of the return policy: there’s nothing worst than spending the money you worked hard for; and not being able to return an item that does not fit. Look for stores that offer free returns or at the very least store credits. Also, check the number of days allowed for returns and make sure your send back the item on time.

Petite and Bold floral dress

I hope these tips will be helpful. Let me know in the comments if you have something to share. Hope you are all having an amazing day.

Josie ♡

 Zara Dress ( old, similar HERE ) | Vans Old Skool Sneakers | Coach Bag | Suetables Bracelet


  1. Your tips are so good! As an avid online shopper it’s all about signing up for newsletters and getting better deals. I’m going to look into that honey plug in!

    1. Hahah … I totally get it! Sometimes it’s a hit or miss but with a few tricks most of the time I’m very happy with my purchases. Glad to know you like my tips dear! Bisous

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