How to wear a dress in Fall Petite and Bold

It’s that time of the year where you get confused when it comes to what to wear. Warm in the afternoon, but then chilly in the evening, which requires a jacket. This dress from ESTHER is the perfect transitional dress. Australians really do have some of the best clothing. I spend so much time browsing ESTHER’s online store, I’m not even kidding.

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Dynamite Polka dot dress

One of my favourite things to do when the temperature gets chilly is layering. We’ve got to face it, Summer will soon be over { so so painful }. However, Autumn is such a gorgeous season as well. The crispy air, the gorgeous brown / orange falling leaves. I do feel lucky to live in a country with four seasons. Just like in life itself, change is good. It can be a sign of new beginnings and new hopes.

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Louis Vuitton Monceau bag-2
I have yet to meet a girl who would not love to get her hands on a gorgeous hand-crafted leather handbag. Bags are accessories I do not hesitate to invest in. They transform an entire outfit, and a well-made bag that is taken care of can last a lifetime. The reality is, luxury handbags do come with a high cost. The quality of the materials and the time put into crafting every little detail play a big role in this. Bottom line is: the price point can get insanely high. But there’s hope; not only the rich and famous can afford luxury bags ;). I have two strategies when it comes to buying luxury items.

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