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HomeSense is hands down one of my favourite places to shop for home accessories and décor. From modern to more antique goods, everyone is truly assured to find something to love. We are still working on our bedroom makeover with amazing partners ( it’s a labour of love I’m telling you, good things take time ) and we are so happy to collaborate with HomeSense.

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Today, I’m sharing some pictures of the three pieces I got from HomeSense to beautifully complement our bedroom. More importantly, I’m giving you my 3 tips on how to efficiently shop at HomeSense to get everything you need for your place.

We ( or at least I ) had a clear idea of what we needed at HomeSense for our bedroom; so it made the shopping process easier. If you have a husband who throws his clothes just everywhere, then you know I needed this beautiful armchair. Love the white/beige colour and it is comfortable.


I feel like HomeSense literally has new stocks coming in everyday. This is amazing because the selection is immense. When we were looking for furniture for the bedroom, we would go at least twice a week. Your girl was happy of course, not sure about my husband though lol. Before we stumbled upon this gorgeous mirror, which was a steal by the way ( $129.99 ), it was our second time at the exact same store. It was the perfect size and height we wanted.


We’re lucky enough to have three HomeSense that we can have access to by car here in Montréal. Each store has its own inventory, so you definitely need to look around and see various styles and options. Believe me, I’ve went to each one of them ;)


I cannot count how many times I’ve regretted not buying something at HomeSense. This place is seriously like a cave full of unique treasures. If you see a piece you love, don’t even think about it twice. Grab it right away, because I’m pretty sure it won’t be there the following day. Our wooden night stand — which was made in India — was exactly what I was looking for and let me tell you, I did not think twice before taking it to the cashier. The wood quality is out of this world and the black legs are sturdy. Most of all, I love the antique feel!


** This article is sponsored by HomeSense. All opinions are my own. 

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